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Hero one represents an enormous potential waiting to be realized. This original artwork will be used in limitless ways, the most important of them being to connect with audiences, form relationships, instigate adventures, share emotions and generally invite you to care about who/what/why/when, etc.

He’ll eventually be joined by supporting characters to form a complex family of musicians living in an equally complex and challenging world. I owe credit to a contact, Ryan Coleman, who years ago wisely pointed out the pitfalls of too-closely tying the creative content to the technology platforms where viewers gathered, whether social media or 4D lasers beamed to your eyeballs. Paraphrased, “the intellectual property is unique and within your domain, but the current go-to app or hot new consumer tech may change from year to year, so unless you plan on inventing a proprietary content network yourself, let the engineers engineer, while the content remains discrete.” Good advice.

I truly believe we can build an adored and inspiring troupe in the same tradition as digital stars like Gorillaz and the many Japanese virtual idols, but made for millions of fans worldwide who love Afro and Latin Caribbean music and entertainment. Yeah, I know.. you probably said “Japanese virtual what now?” out loud, didn’t you? Stay with me!

With zero doubt, the future is immersive. The train has left the station and the Apples, the Microsofts, the Alibabas, the Facebooks and the Amazons are all on it. From social media interactive polling to mixed/augmented reality to choose-your-own-adventure television/YouTube content, there will be little returning to hands-off models in coming years.

Industry trend lines continue skewing toward deeper immersion, higher fidelity and greater freedom of movement and control over retail experiences, home and location-based entertainment, and every manner of consumer engagement in-between.

It’s also my limited observation that, maybe thankfully, much of the technological potential is still catching up to the creativity being dared. It’s very expensive and unwieldy to trade on the cutting edge, so muchos kudos to the technologists and futurists at the forefront of this new digital storytelling paradigm. They are establishing the newest theories and schools of thought on how best to apply our collective understanding of it. Unfortunately, many startups are dying by trial and error in the process, too. *knock on wood*

Playmaas’s success will be tied to a successful union of its original, fan-inspired world and the world of immersive, interactive storytelling experiences. More to come!

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