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People feel connections to experiences and feelings, so any kind of interactive experience should communicate a distinct personality and soul if it’s to be enjoyed and remembered. I want the experiences we create to be associated with a sense of community, personal relationships and that vested interest in What’s Next?!! The first stage of the experiment to deliver on that goal is creating art that fans can connect and relate to… so meet Hero #1.

Right now he serves a single purpose which is to be the champion for an immersive experience “demo” (work in progress). I imagined this character with only a shallow spec sheet of personality traits, motivations and background story, so you’ll forgive him for being introverted to start. That will change in the future and you may also see him joined by other heroes 😉

For now his main role as the first hero is to get familiar with the online world he’s entering and start understanding how fans react to him and vice versa. As the musician archetype (could you guess?) he has rockstar appeal and charisma for days. In a future post I’ll reveal some of the many versions and attempts made to get to this final creation. A lot of very deliberate thought went into each detail of his look.

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