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We want to capture the best representation of not only Caribbean values and expression, but also the values and lived experiences that define our Canadian identity. For many first and second gen immigrants that trace their family’s history to sunny Caribbean shores, “national identity” is a special fusion of some of the best qualities and contributions from different worlds. Roti or poutine? Yes please. Toronto Caribbean Carnival or VELD Music Festival? Sign me up. The Samba Boys ?? or The Boys of Summer ⚾? One of each, thank you very much!

It’s precisely this admixture — and shared celebration — of national, ethnic and cultural sources of pride that makes Canada such a desirable place to live, learn and play by so many, and that immeasurable value is not lost on us in crafting the image of our virtual heroes.

It’s my goal to incorporate the expression of that uniquely Canadian Caribbean experience into our heroes’ surroundings, their voices, their fashion and their sound. We will endeavour to make it an honest reflection of YOUR lives and experiences as much as theirs. ?

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