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A New Generation of Entertainment

I’ve been busy! …but am now very grateful for the opportunity to thank all the friends, family and supportive colleagues who’ve played a part in helping kick off this new startup called Playmaas. It’s very exciting to finally share its mission and goals with you.

The Inspiration

This endeavour was borne of a desire to spark change in Toronto’s Caribbean entertainment landscape. I believe this city, at this time, presents a unique opportunity to bring a new class of entertainment value to fans of Caribbean music and culture.

The Mission

Playmaas is developing fictional characters, events and storylines inside a dynamic and interactive, fan-driven Caribbean universe. Using social media and immersive reality tools, we also blur the lines between watching and participating, giving the audience the ability to connect with, grow with, and ultimately shape the lives and stories of their favourite heroes—or villains—within.

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Justin Westmaas
Founder, Playmaas

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