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For my next task, I want to bring “Unnamed Hero” to life in glorious 3D. I was once a 3D artist but nowhere near masterful proficiency. The attached video is the best I ever produced (there’s audio before the end), but that was a long, long time ago… so we’re not trusting my rusty hand with this job.

Eagle eyes will notice the ?? map!

By transporting our hero from flat 2D sketch to the familiar three-dimensional space, I’ll be better able to demonstrate the promise of an immersive experience for viewers to enjoy (and backers to support). I’m once again relying on artist-for-hire services to do the heavy lifting, as my 2D sketch artist from Estonia — as superb a job he did with the concept art — doesn’t have character modeling in his repertoire. Understandably, 3D modeling is a very different discipline requiring very unique skills.

As for the job requirements:

  1. fully modeled and textured
  2. skeletal rig, to control limb movement
  3. discrete clothing, so I can adjust/style independently
  4. polygon based hair, as realistic hair simulation is overkill and resource intense
  5. facial controls for eyes and mouth
  6. source files, so I can customize and iterate as needed in the future

I’m aiming for the minimum fidelity needed to satisfy an effective demonstration, so I’ll be sharing the results of that progress later in the week. Just as challenging is finding and hiring a local video editing professional with the right experience and creative sensibilities to build the demo!

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