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After having the 2D concept art turn out so beautifully, I launched excitedly into the 3D modeling phase… and immediately face-planted into some fresh hell. I found myself negotiating with 5 or 11 different 3D artists, all with varying styles and expertise and pricing structures. If there wasn’t an issue with a portfolio not reflecting the minimum quality I was looking for, there was an issue with the prices quoted. They ranged from USD$5000 all the way down to a “suspiciously affordable” $50, making many agreements impossible.

It felt never-ending. Ultimately took a risk with a sophomore pro from Taiwan ?? who agreed to most of my requirements. And she would complete it for under USD$250! Thankfully she was a dream to work with and I hope she keeps perfecting her craft. I would @ her if I knew her handle but that info wasn’t exchanged during commission.

Unnamed hero, version 1.0

However, where we did come up short was with a 100% authentic reproduction, and you’d be forgiven for thinking the video clip was a whole new face. But I’m just very happy he’s completed and meets our expectations for a semi-pro quality build that’s still fully serviceable.

What did we sacrifice in the name of time and cost? I had to forgo full facial controls for eyes/lips, so that 1000-yard murder stare is sort of permanent. (Of course I already have workarounds in mind!) Also, with limited allowance for revisions, we had to relegate his hands to somewhat gnarly claws with sausage-like fingers. A few other body areas need their proportions tuned, too. I’ll have to go in and try tweaking without breaking anything.

There will be a future opportunity to have a Version 2.0 of our hero completely rebuilt under a veteran artist/team. Right now, though, hero Version 1 fits the role perfectly!

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