The Caribbean entertainment landscape in Canada’s largest city is overdue for something new and exciting.

Playmaas aspires to answer that need.

Toronto — also North America’s 4th largest metropolitan at almost 3 million people — has celebrated Caribbean culture for decades. It hosts the continent’s largest Caribbean parade, attracting hundreds of thousands of visitors worldwide annually, and setting the global standard for diversity, inclusivity and the shared celebration of different backgrounds as found nowhere else.

Toronto has also established itself as a hub for innovation and discovery, providing startup companies, dreamers and builders with an extremely fertile ecosystem of talent, resources and sense of community. Entrepreneurs across the planet continue to choose Toronto as their home-base while they pursue the next great breakthrough.

It is at this intersection, in this environment, that Playmaas is rooted in its mission to blend the spirited and infectious vibrancy of Caribbean music with emerging technologies in digital projection, augmented reality and spatial computing, heralding a new generation of entertainment for fans of soca/calypso, reggae, Afro-beats and Latin-Caribbean fusions.

You — yes, you — are personally invited to follow us on social media and participate in the early decision-making stages of our development. Your involvement plays a central role in our success as we travel to this new destination.